Wellington Lake is a 167 acre trophy fishery. The lake is stocked twice a year and contains Rainbow, Cutbow, Brown, Brook and Palomino Trout. Anglers are welcome to fish year round, including joining us in the winter for ice fishing season.



7/10/19: Fresh water Leaches are a very important food source for trout at Wellington Lake. The Leaches are small at Wellington less than two inches and these micro pine squirrel Leaches imitate them perfectly. Fishing them along drop offs and over the tops of weed beds for explosive takes. Other recommended flies and lures include: kastmasters, blood worms, purple hippy stompers, tube jigs, and blood worms.

*If you arrive early in the morning, please bring cash to self-register by following the instructions on the outside of the office. All guests are required to complete a liability waiver. Please visit the Day Use page for pricing and additional rules regarding a day trip to the lake

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Fishing Materials

  • No live or artificial bait; no worms

  • No dough bait such as Power Bait or Salmon Eggs

  • Single, barbless hooks are preferred

  • No lead sinkers or lead fishing materials

  • No scented plastics

  • Artificial flies and lures are allowed and should be made of materials such as wood, plastic, silicone, rubber, epoxy, glass, hair, metal, feathers or fiber.

NO fishing license required

Because Wellington Lake is privately owned, no fishing license is required. This makes it a wonderful location for casual anglers or guests visiting from out of state.

Fishing is included in camping and day use fees. There is no additional payment required for fishing.



catch and release only

All fishing at Wellington Lake is catch and release only. Any person who kills a fish or fails to return a fish promptly to the lake, will be charged a restocking fee of no less than $50 per fish.


  • Only hand-launched craft are allowed

  • Electric trolling motors are permitted

  • Gas motors are not permitted

  • Life jackets are required when on the lake

  • There are no lifeguards at the lake - all watercraft activities are at the visitor’s own risk


Learn more about fishing etiquette and proper handling techniques.

Learn more about fishing etiquette and proper handling techniques.


Please respect the lake and fish habitat by staying on trails, disposing of all trash in dumpsters (including all fishing line), and not adding any contaminants to the lake. Our policy of not allowing bait encourages guests to be actively casting and reeling rather than then letting their lines sit still in the water and risk gut hooking the fish. To learn more about fishing etiquette and proper handling techniques, click the Ethical Angler link, or ask one of our friendly rangers.

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