Located eleven miles from the nearest tiny mountain town, Wellington Lake is a stunning and remote alpine destination. These tips and suggestions will help you plan, and pack everything you need, for a perfect mountain getaway!


Cell Service

Cell phone service is very limited at the lake and there is no wifi. While some guests may have a few bars of service, many people have no service at all. Driving about 3 miles north towards Bailey will give most people enough service to send texts or make calls, but to check emails, you may need to drive to Bailey.

*There is a 911 call phone on the outside of the office which is available 24 hours a day for emergencies.


Wellington Lake sits at an elevation of 8,000 feet. Weather in the mountains is always unpredictable, so it is best to pack plenty of layers and always bring your rain gear. Nights are chilly at the lake, even in the middle of summer, so bring a sweater or fleece jacket for evenings and warm clothes to sleep in.

Click the link for the Wellington Lake forecast.

Click the link for the Wellington Lake forecast.


Wellington Lake can experience extreme winds, which are more common in the afternoons. Be sure to fully stake down your tent during set up and secure all of your gear. If you are on the water when the winds pick up, head to the nearest shore immediately.

The lake is just as often glassy, flat, and perfect for paddling! For the best chance of flat conditions, plan to paddle in the morning or evening.


Luckily, there are very few mosquitoes at the lake, but the black biting flies can be fierce in the hot summer months and ticks can be found in the tall grass. Remember to pack light colored, loose fitting clothing as well as natural bug spray. If you have access to a screened shade structure, definitely bring that along as well!


We do not sell or provide drinking water or ice at the lake.

Untreated well water is available from two hand pumps, but we recommend bringing in all of the water you will require for your stay.


To prevent the spread of invasive species, we ask that you purchase firewood on-site. It is available at the visitor center at a cost of $5 for 10 pieces.

Wellington Lake is subject to all Jefferson County fire restrictions. Anyone planning to camp should vist our Campfires page to learn what is allowed during fire bans and tips for wildfire prevention.

Life Jackets

Life jackets are required on the lake, so be sure to pack them if you are planning on paddle boarding, canoeing, kayaking, etc. Visit the Paddle Page for more information.



Friendly, well-mannered dogs are welcome to camp, swim, and play at the lake. If you are planning to bring your pup, please read through our Pets page so that you come prepared.


Liability Waivers

All guests are required to complete a liability waiver upon arrival at the lake. The waiver may be printed ahead of time to speed up the check-in process. This document details our regulations and explains that fines may be imposed for rule violations. In order to protect the natural resources and our guests, we patrol the property frequently and will not hesitate to fine those found not to be in compliance. Please respect our rules so that all visitors, as well as future generations, may enjoy this spectacular place.